Tailored and customer-oriented service for ensuring gas safety

Sensorex Oy operates in the field of gas safety. We control work safety, production and environmental risks, as well as minimise harms caused to the environment. In order to achieve our goal, we are constantly developing our gas detection solutions and technical systems. We aim to make our services suitable for the benefit of gas safety in the best possible way.

We provide high-quality equipment as well as design and advisory services to our customers. Our comprehensive service network provides professional repair, calibration and maintenance services for gas detection equipment throughout Finland. We want to ensure that the gas safety devices are used optimally and as cost-effectively as possible.


Do you need temporary gas control or just for a single project? In some cases, it is more profitable to rent gas control equipment instead of purchasing them.

Spare parts

We offer fast delivery of spare parts and accessories for all gas detection devices we provid. Our comprehensive warehouse provides original spare parts and accessories in a timely and reliable manner.


Regular service and maintenance are key elements of effective and dependable gas detection process. We offer service for portable and fixed gas detectors and gas control systems in order to ensure their reliability and functionality.